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DHOOM 4 may be the best among all of the dhoom version it is heared that dhoom 3 is more exiting than dhoom 1 and dhoom 2.

dhoom 4 star cast might be same as dhoom 3 with little of attractive  stars so dhoom 4 is giong to be rocking and fantastic.

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Dhoom 4 in news, get more details even doom 1-dhoom2-are successful and doom 3 is going to release now.

dhoom is the yash raj creation which is getting more popular each and every day yash raj films has started with doom

in which starring :abhishek bachan,uday chopra,jhon abraham and also remmy sen.

Big B Drifting Car see below

dhoom was a super hit blockbuster movie.

After dhoom next was dhoom 2.it was also a blockbuster hit and was always hang up with news and internet bollywood gossip.

dhoom 2 starring: hrithik roshan,ashvariya rai,uday chopra,abhishek bachan,and bipasha basu.

dhoom 2 was exiting and very powerful appeal after dhoom.


dhoom 3 would be a very big blockbuster movie because it has srk or sharukh khan.

the super star and the leading actor in a flim industry is going to have opportunity to take the yash raj's dhoom3 on fire

Fans are always exited for forth coming movies.

But other than that might be yash raj flims trying to think about dhoom 4.

If dhoom version has make the bollywood a good flim industry then if there is a possibility of dhoom 4 then it will be great for up coming and leading actors.

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It is a super hit before it was released.
CAST: hrikthik roshon,
Abhishek bachan, uday chopra
Ashvariya rai and bipasha basu.
The movie had earned before
Releasing only through big
Advertising companies, so
We can easily know how much hit is the movie actually.
As an movie analyzer we give 10/10 to the movie.
The thing which is going to be noticed by everyone is that can hrithik roshon be well suited in this role or may john was right to play this role again.thats all from movie. Do not waste time watching this go and watch movie and enjoy.

How to Drift a Car by GIMMY
Drifting is a driving technique and a motor sport where a car slides at an angle, with its side moving forward.

Drifting with Rear Wheel Drive Manual
Find a car with both rear-wheel-drive and a manual transmission.
Head to an open area (i.e. an empty parking lot) safely free of pedestrians and motorists.
Accelerate and shift to second gear, which allows the widest variance of speed and is best for harnessing the engine's torque without overly stressing the mechanicals.
Push in the clutch to let the engine rev.
With the engine revving, flick the steering wheel to the outside of the turn and steer strongly inside toward the turn.
Simultaneously release the clutch. If you are uncomfortable with this method of sliding, try pulling the hand brake to further reduce traction(NEVER PULL BRAKE WHILE ACCELERATING. While that wont kill your car initially, it is a bad habit to get into. Don't start now.)
Immediately steer the car in the direction of the slide. You're drifting!

Drifting with Rear Wheel Drive Auto
Find a large, open area.
Accelerate to a speed of 20-30(depending on lot size and room)
Turn the wheel hard and floor it. You should feel the rear end slide around if this is done correctly. Repeat until comfortable with sliding.
Set up a cone in the middle of the lot. Drive up on the cone and turn around the cone. when you begin your turn accelerate hard to get the rear end loose.
Counter steer to control where your car will go after turn.(opposite lock)
Increase speed until comfortable
If your vehicle of choice doesn't have enough power read the FWD directions but remember to release hand brake before accelerating.

Drifting with Front Wheel Drive
Go to a large, open area.
Accelerate then pull the handbrake or use the parking brake, riding it out the first time or two to get over your initial fear.
Set up a cone in the middle of the lot.
Drive up to it at speed (between 20 and 30 is desired).
Hit the brake and turn toward the cone. Immediately after you feel the back end come around, turn to the opposite direction. This is known as opposite lock.
Repeat the opposite lock at that speed until you can control your car well. Practice this for at least several weeks regularly until it becomes second nature. (Don't do this on roadways. It is dangerous to others and can get you fined.)
Slowly increase speed until you are proficient in a speed you are comfortable with. Get to know that speed--you should never drift above that speed unless you are practicing.
Upgrade. At the same initial speed, flick the steering wheel opposite of the turn and swing it all the way into toward the CONE (not turn, you aren't ready at this stage). As before, when you feel the rear end come around, go to opposite lock. It takes time and practice to successfully use the Scandinavian flick, especially on under powered cars.

No two cars react identically; try to "feel" yours to familiarize yourself with its reactions.
All wheel drive vehicles can be drifted, but it requires a specific, rather more difficult technique. Keep in mind that there are no rules that can be applied to AWDs because every car is different and more importantly, every AWD system is different. Read about your car, read real articles on it and go talk to people. If they tell you that you must drive rear wheel drive, find someone else.
In a rear wheel drive vehicle, you don't need to pull the brake as you improve, but it is often necessary when first learning.
When looking for an area to learn and practice, gravel is preferable because it is easier on your tires.
This is only a starting point. To do more, you need driving school to teach more than just basic maneuvers and you need driving theory.

Never drift on the road. It is illegal. It might seem fun, but it's really not worth the risk.
Don't go faster than you can handle. Recovering from a spin takes skill and experience.
Because severe or uneven wear is a driving hazard, be sure enough tread remains on the tires when finished drifting.
Be extra careful when drifting in an SUV or pickup. They're more likely to flip.

Things You'll Need
A car with

some horsepower(more the easier)
tires(slick tires on the rear is good for sliding, but it is bad for street driving)
suspension(if you fear body role, tight set up. Try reading up on suspension because you can collapse your rear suspension if you aren't careful or if you are unlucky)
A track race


Bollywood Bananaza!

Now I'm sure there are some snooty film critics who claim to have seen every Bollywood movie going, but I'm not one of them. I'm about as experienced in Bollywood as Victoria Beckham is in making the tea. But when a TV opportunity came up for me to talk about Bollywood's chances for an Oscar (with the masterful " Lagaan ") I threw myself into the nearest sari and dived headfirst into the Bombay mix. I was like a 14-year-old boy with a Britney Spears calendar. The emotions I felt were strange and alien - but I loved every eye-popping minute.

After "Lagaan" I rented fellow mega hit " Asoka ", starring brooding Bollywood big timer Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor, a woman who is to eyes what Angelina Jolie is to lips. I loved it. Big budget and bloodthirsty, yes, but for a novice like myself it delivered in spades all that makes Bollywood so novel to a Western audience. There's ravishing colour, sparkling songs, and tragic romance-a-plenty. If you didn't like " Moulin Rouge " then it's not for you. If you're missing a willing suspension of disbelief then, frankly, save your pennies. But if Baz Luhrmann tickled your fancy with Ewan , Nicole and "Your Song" then wait till you see Shah Rukh, Kareena and "San Sanana".

I then went out and bought "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge", Bollywood's third most successful film of all time if you please. More Shah Rukh. He the man. Now I'm chomping at the bit to get hold of "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai", not only coz Shah Rukh is back but also as it's billed as a Bollywood college movie. For a man who's seen "Clueless" 31 times that sounds right up my street.

Then of course there's " Kabhi Khushi Kahbie Gham ", the blockbuster that hit the top five box-office over here last year and, surprise surprise, stars Shah Rukh Khan again. You may have guessed, Shah Rukh's very popular in Bollywood.

The point to this cinematic diary I'm inflicting upon you? Just when you think you've seen it all, you really haven't. I've discovered something new, probably way behind everyone else, but new to me. And, like it was when I first got into movies, there's a whole world of new films for me to discover out there, from new stars and fresh directors. It's a journey I can't wait to take.

Tune into The Movie Lounge with James King on Radio 1 three times a week: Thursdays at 7.20pm on Dave Pearce , Tuesdays at 9:15pm on Steve Lamacq , and Saturdays at 2.10pm on Nemone .


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